Jimmy Tsirigotis

Walking Tour Guide | Personal Trainer

Jimmy was born in Melbourne Australia from Greek parents. He works as a personal trainer and fitness expert in the beautiful island of Corfu.

He is a well crafted athlete that participates in local and international competitions around Europe. Jimmy can train you physically to improve your stamina strength and physical condition with his top training techniques.

As a marathon man he can elevate your running physical condition to an amazing standard or he can guide you through picturesque mountain path walks on our beautiful island. Doing one to one, or group programs he has everything a person needs for his inside and outside improvement!

What Jimmy can do for you:

  • Physical one to one

  • Group training

  • Fat loss, muscle toning and strength programs

  • Running Groups or one to one training sessions (marathons 10K, half marathons, ultra marathons etc)

Jimmy is available not only as our walking tour guide but also via personal training sessions as an optional extra. Contact us to enquire about booking an extra training session with Jimmy.

Carl Daeche

Personal Coaching | Leadership & Life Coach

 “We only have one life and we should lead it to the full”.  

Carl is an experienced, innovative and accomplished award-winning designer of leadership and performance coaching programs. He is passionate about transforming how people lead their lives.

He is a confident, skilful and persuasive communicator with a proven track record of influencing sustainable change.

As a fully qualified and internationally recognised leadership and life coach, Carl brings his individual impactive style to his practice here in Corfu. Helping others to lead their lives to the full.